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Voted the Past Three Years as One of the Best in York County for Pretzels

Making Delicious Soft
Pretzels since 1934

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6065 Carlisle Road, Dover, PA 17315-2243

Soft Pretzel Products & Pretzel Bakery in Dover, Pennsylvania

Smittie's Soft Pretzels makes soft pretzel products that are perfect for parties, fundraisers, or simply to enjoy at home. Our pretzel bakery is located in beautiful Dover, Pennsylvania, offering products at the wholesale and retail levels.  

Smittie’s Soft Pretzels is the pretzel York County residents grew up on.  Considering we’ve been around for 79 years it really is no wonder that so many remember eating our pretzels when they were kids and are now buying our items for their grandchildren. With so many years of experience we know what we are doing and our many great tasting pretzel items speak for themselves.

Once you’ve tasted our products you’ll agree that our taste can’t be beat.  Authentic pretzel taste that stems from a time tested German and Pennsylvania Dutch inspired recipe.  We use a 200 year old stone hearth oven to bake all of our pretzels products and use only quality, all natural ingredients.  We do not use any preservatives and no chemicals go into any of our products.

Our products are great by themselves but when you add your own touch they become something more.  Lunch meat and cheese on a pretzel roll gives your ordinary sandwich a flavorful twist.  Feeling like pizza? Toast a sliced slider pretzel roll with sauce and cheese and enjoy an easy great tasting bite-size snack.  There are so many things you can do with our products.

Our products are great for home use but also work well for fundraising, parties, restaurants, and concession stands.  We sell to everyone; businesses and everyday individuals alike.  Smittie’s feels everyone deserves a Real pretzel taste in their pretzel items, not just bread dough shaped like a pretzel.  We give you that REAL taste, made with REAL ingredients, and REAL quality.  Give us a try today or come back to us and relive your childhood memories.


For more information about our soft pretzels and other specialty pretzel products, please contact us today.